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Monday, May 18, 2015

Music videos vs ME


i am not really a MV person

1) i will put my fav song in trash if its mv full of shit
2) i enjoyed listening to my playlist while doing my assignments. i mean, how in earth can you concentrate on ur works when u have this sexy ladies and hot men on ur screen?!
3) i'd rather download some movies than wasting my internet quota on some stupid mvs. mp3 is enough alrite

and lots of excuses that related to violation of my innocence (pheww)

anyway..i love musics because its jingles and rhythm..not how the singers and musicians act on cameras..i'd prefer their live concert than how tvs commercialize them.

but it doesn't mean i didn't watch any of my favs MVs ..there are few...which made me put out the songs from my Avenge's A Little Piece of Heaven..i almost puke the 1st time i watch them...

but so far this one MV catches my interest the most..



i love the whole idea of making the MV
the memories they left to those who involved

can u imagine..

your fav music band attend ur wedding day?! (well..basically u are more excited because they are famous with sexy voice of adam)

i wish i live there...huhu

happy faces and good memories...thinking of that fact made me smile and nearly cry every time the song jingles in my ears..

ohh my...cheesy la syapini

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Earlier this month i have made an order from this one website

The price of their goods are way below the market price...and i love it!!

But once i have made the payment, i was kinda hesitate a bit..because they gave me the tracking no but when i checked it in the poslaju website, there is no record of the parcel!! And it goes on for almost a week!! I panicked but i tried to wait..because my boyfriend bought me an item from them previously and he did receive the item.

Then i realize that i have to check the tracking no. using the website tracking system because they orderd it from overseas (china perhaps) and when the items reach here, only then i can check it in poslaju website.

And i am glad that the parcel reach me finally on 19th march. And they gave me free gift!!

However...yesterday morning, something crossed my mind about the order i made.. i have put in my cart a set of scarve pin.but i didn't remember if i ordered it or i remove it before check out.but i was kinda expecting it (even it is cheap and that's why i love this website so much).then i checked back the receipt.the item is there!but i'm sure i didn't receive the item.because i have washed all the chlothing and i've put every tiny things that i ordered in my bag.

So i decided to contact the seller (hoping that i can get the item because its expensive if i buy it in any shop).and the feedback is very fast!i told them my problem and they asked me is the parcel is in good condition when i receive them.and i say yes.i even have to use knife to open it!

And....i receive their reply just now.
They have refund the item in my account!OMG i didn't expect that!

Because it is only rm2.50 so i don't really have issue if they didn't refund me...i just want them to check...but how accountable and generous they are!!

I am totally putting them as my favourite and trusted seller!!even it takes 2 weeks to receive the items but i'm okay with it. There is other site that make me wait for almost 2 months to receive this one item that i ordered! 2 weeks is nothing to compare with long as i trust the seller and i receive safe and sound items and they have great customer service....i am totally gonna shop again!!

So...lets check this out!!

You're not gonna regreat it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

shortcut in my pendrive~

sakit hati
disebabkan virus kechil ini
semua kerja tak jadik!
entry ini cuma untuk meluahkan kegeraman syapini terhadap virus shortcut yang da lama bersarang dalam pendrive.
entah dari mana ibunya, syapini pun tak tahu.
yang pastinya, dia berjaya menghuru harakan kehidupan tenang syapini.

sekian, terima kasih.